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First Day of Internship | Amiroh Husna

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August 29, 2016
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September 1, 2016
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Our first day internship, went to Podor port, Solor from Larantuka. It was my first time to see busy port with clear water (at least better than Java). Beautiful skies and nice weather welcoming us. Was very excited to begin journey in East Flores.
On Saturday 20th August, Me and Megi joind Mbak Erma to give education about marine megafauna conservation at SMAN 1 Solor Barat, Nusadani. That was our first time experience to share knowledge here. About 32 students from 2nd and 3rd grade joined us. I’m very surprised by their curiosity and excitement about marine megafauna. They also already understand what their role to help conserving environment. At the end of discussion session, a student named Jeffry approach us and asking what should he do for conserving his environment. I feel touched that there’s at least young people who excited to conserve their hometown. The headmaster also asking for next join programs after this session. Small hopes come from somewhere we never expect.
My project is coastal and marine resources management based on community perspective. So our tasks are prepare methods to select pilot village and plan programs that can be implemented for developing that area. Me and Megi indetified areas that has potential as our pilot program and also developing questionaires and SWOT about our findings. For choosing areas that we will visit, we discuss it with DKP and get some info about fishing catch data, conservation zoning in East Flores and they’re willing to accompany us for interviewing potential villages. We met Pak Dus, Pak Nico, and Pak Mustaf as field supervisor officers. Eventhough, it’s my challenge to convince people to grow their awareness about conserving their environment. Because people at this area are not the “main actor” who do megafauna huntings or exploitation fishing.
There’s always exciting things happen in every visits. After meeting with DKP, we’re going to Pasar Oka, traditional market and met Mama Angela. She’s asking for photo and want us to print them out. She’s very nice and cheerful, i saw her chewing sirih pinang and curious how it taste. So she made me some and it’s exploded on my mouth from the first chew. Not really bad, i feel my teeth stronger, but not a wise choice for a newbie like me.
Every Sunday we made small group session with Kalike Children. They have various education background, kindergarten til senior high school. But all of them have the same curiousity about conservation, although they’re shy at first. At our first week, me, Nanda, and Mbak Erma teach them how to made tote bag from unused clothes to reduce plastic using.

At the second week, there are more crowd than before, very impressive. I shared them basic knowledge about marine megafauna, where they live, how they eat and reproduce, and is it endangered or no. After that, Megi explain to them about marine ecosystem food chains that helps them to understand more why they have to keep the ecosystem balance. In the end of session, Mbak Erma teach them how to paint megafauna in coastal rocks with acrylic paint. They’re very excited, it was their first time to use brush and paint the rocks. Their glowing eyes after made paintings are amazing, can’t wait for next Sunday.

Amiroh Husna Utami
*Savu Sea Alliance adalah program gabungan antara Reef Check Indonesia, Misool Baseftin, dan Indonesia Manta Project yang mempunyai tujuan mewujudkan pengelolaan laut yang berkelanjutan di Laut Sawu

**Megafauna laut adalaha hewan-hewan laut yang berukuran besar seperti hiu, pari manta, mamalia laut, dan penyu. Megafauna laut ini biasanya berumur panjang, namun juga memiliki siklus reproduksi yang lambat, sehingga ancaman terhadap populasi mereka juga meningkat.


  1. Moli says:

    Kerennn, bgt !

  2. Gene Adhiyasa says:

    How inspiring! I hope the spirit of conservation doesn’t stop in the end of internship. I hope the message that Ami’s spread will be a tremendous impact for the locals. Good Luck Ami and friends, may the force be with you!

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