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Neighbourhood and Local Perspective | Anisa Megia

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September 1, 2016
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Local perspective and how I met them
Ami and I stay at Mama Maria’s place. We have so many neighbors live next to us, especially kids. They’re very lovely and always give us a visit when we’re home. When they come pay us a visit, we always talk about something interesting and give us candys or biscuits. They’re mothers will come along to our house too and we just sit down together and talk about everything. In this opportunity, we gave them an informal discussion and we asked many things to them related our project. We tried to see their perspectives about everything, inmost marine megafauna. This informal discussion was very fun since there’s no border between us and we can learn many things from them. I think this small step will be very useful in the future.
We went to DKP in Larantuka on 22nd Aug 2016. We met Pak Dus, Pak Damra, Pak Stefen and other staffs. We discussed many things related endangered marine megafauna, our project, and our future project plans. We also talked about illegal fishing that has been done by several fishermen from other regions such as Ende and Lamakera. Pak Dus gave us some data related illegal and destructive fishing also conservation issues in several villages in Flores Timur.
I do believe that happiness lays in your deepest heart. You’re the only one know your feeling. I found that happiness comes from small thing that you do with great love, just like the kids in front of my place in that afternoon. There’re four kids playing football, they’re very happy and contented as just reflected in their faces. Simple thing leads them into happiness.
On Friday, we had a day-off and we plan to meet Uda Hery also Mba Evi for discussing our project’s progress. We met at ASA Hotel and had very long discussion. After the meeting we went to Telkom for some internet. We went back to Larantuka port by Angkot, in which this Angkot was full of music. We danced all the way long till reached the port. What a day!

On Saturday, I saw there’s a weaving activity in front of Mama Monic’s porch. She was weaving using a traditional weaver. It was very interesting and I asked how much it costed. That was very surprising me, for one fabric, it costs 600.000 rupiahs. But, later i understood that’s because done by handmade and in traditional way. It teaches me how to appreciate some things. Anyway, the fabric was very beautiful.

Sunday morning, Erma, Ami and I went to Lama Gohang beach and conducted a class for locals. This school attended by several kids that used to be attended the previous classes. In that day, we learned about ocean food chains and also painted endangered megafauna on the rock using acryllic color paints.
We had a very good time with the kids also we played Food Chain Puzzles. We scrambled the pictures and asked them to arrange those pictures into Ocean Food Chain. I found it very amazing since everybody tried to arrange the puzzles. We can learn and share something useful from small move.

Anisa Megia Sari
*Savu Sea Alliance adalah program gabungan antara Reef Check Indonesia, Misool Baseftin, dan Indonesia Manta Project yang mempunyai tujuan mewujudkan pengelolaan laut yang berkelanjutan di Laut Sawu

**Megafauna laut adalaha hewan-hewan laut yang berukuran besar seperti hiu, pari manta, mamalia laut, dan penyu. Megafauna laut ini biasanya berumur panjang, namun juga memiliki siklus reproduksi yang lambat, sehingga ancaman terhadap populasi mereka juga meningkat.

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