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We can work together to protect coral reefs and improve the lives of the millions of people who live on Indonesia’s coastline.

Indonesia is home to 17% of the world's total coral reefs and over 85% of Indonesia's coral reefs are at serious risk. With more than 17,000 islands, the majority of its population depends heavily upon reefs for food, income and protection. Being part of the coral triangle, or the 'Amazon of the seas' with a coastline stretching over 95,000 kilometres, Indonesia is the largest archipelagic nation in the world.

Coral reefs are fragile and battling not only natural threats like weather related damage, predation and increased temperatures, but also fighting human threats such as unsustainable and destructive fishing practices, coral mining, organic and non-organic pollution, climate change and tourist-related damage. So as much as they protect our shorelines against waves, storms and floods, and help prevent loss of life, property damage and erosion - coral reefs also need our protection!

Whether you're a snorkeler, scuba diver, fisher, scientist or a person who doesn't swim but cares - you can join us in the battle. Get yourself a Reef Check Certification, make a donation, help raise awareness with our products, register as a volunteer, and keep up to date with the latest news on our website or through our Reef Readers Post. You can also make changes to your everday actions that will help save coral reefs.

Reef Check Indonesia also works with companies, community groups, dive and tour operators in a variety of ways and values the great importance of developing partnerships that are mutually beneficial for coral reef conservation. Please view our partnership opportunities.