Empowering Community for Sustainable Future

1. Young Sustainable Development Leader Initiative

Approximately 37% of people in the Indonesia region are under the age of 35. This initiative is an effort to harness the extraordinary potential of youth in the Indonesia to address critical challenges and expand opportunities, especially the future of the environment and their society. Through this program young leaders will get deeper understanding on how public policy is developed, shapes and affects our future and importantly how they can meaningfully involve to shape policy making process. Young leaders will have direct opportunities to meet, discuss and learn from numbers of representatives in the House, head of public offices, head of local government, public policy experts, and civil society organizations.

Where: National

Partner: House of Representative, Political parties, universities, NGOs, Public Offices.

2. Strengthening Community-led Organizations

Besides equipping community and traditional/indigenous organizations to have meaningful participation in  coastal and marine resource management, we helping them to obtain financial and business services to improve their business and resources to fund their effort to conserve their coastal and marine area.

We facilitated establishment of Tulamben Dive Guide Organization in Karangasem Bali. Tulamben is one of the busiest and most visited dive site in Indonesia, and probably the world. We also work to strengthen community led fisheries and ecotourism organization by provide capacity building for fishers and coastal community in Buleleng and Karangasem that have been heavily impacted by cyanide fishing and increased sea surface temperature (climate change). We assist and mentor the Tunas Mekar of Amed, Karangasem Bali, Bahari Prawara of Bondalem, Tejakula, and Taman Segara of Penuktukan to manage coastal resource in emerging marine tourism destination in Amed, Bali.

Where: Buleleng District and Karangasem District (Bali), and Lamakera (East Nusa Tenggara)

Partner: Coral Reef Alliance and Misool Baseftin

3. Sustainable Livelihood for ex-Manta Ray Fishers

In January 2014, Government of Indonesia securing full national protection for manta rays and establishing Indonesia as the world’s largest manta sanctuary. We are now working with the community to make lasting change in Lamakera. Started with strong community engagement and education programs, we gathering wide-spread support to identifying and piloting community transition from manta fishing to various other sustainable livelihood.

Where: Lamakera of East Nusa Tenggara

Partner: Misool Baseftin