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Whale Shark Rescue | Anisa Megia

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September 2, 2016
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September 18, 2016
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I began my second week of internship with workshop materials’ preparation. During this week Ami and I were very busy, but thank God, Aqul and Dika really helped us, so we can manage all the tasks properly. Ami and I managed several activities and did meetings many times with DKP, which meant we have to go to Larantuka 2-3 times in a week. In this week, we have favourite moments that we won’t forget till the end of this internship period. It started with my concern in water scarcity and also the day I met trapped-whale shark in Bubu Atagamu.

Friday afternoon, September 2, 2016

Many things happened lately in my life. Today I went to the nearest well to take some waters for washing my clothes. But, there was something beyond my imagination happened and it was heart-breaking. I saw a lot of people queued along the well for waters. When I asked one of the children next to me, she said that we lack of waters since the well is already dried. I tried to pull the water using small bucket and I just got a half of it. There was a woman came approaching me and asked me whether or not I need her helps. So kind of her, she filled my bucket up with some waters.

After struggling with all of these, I started to wash my clothes. In that time I felt so sad. I just realized how important water is. In the place like this, there are a lot of people sacrifice their time to get the waters. You can called me overwhelmed for this, but I realized something that previously I never think about it. I wasted a lot of waters and very ignorant about this. Seeing this reality, I promise myself to be wiser in using water than before. It’s kind of a reminder for me for a better life. J

I went back to Mama Maria’s house after doing laundry. I took a time for contemplating all of these. I used to be an ignorant person about ‘water things’ but now, I saw the reality in front of me. I can’t stay still and watch this to be continued without any changes. What contribution can I make for this? I think to make an aquifer’s distribution in these areas. From this map we can determine which places are potentially as wells. But it’s not easy though, I need a very precise and details satellite data imagery. I hope I can find all the data as soon as possible thus I can start this in no time to help the people around me.

Saturday, September 4, 2016

Bang Jack came over to our house in a rush and asked me to call the rest of our teams to go to Bubu Atagamu. There was a call from local fisherman. He found a whale shark in his nets. We should come over there to release the whale shark. The thing that nobody was home, it was just two of us. Ami and I, in which we blanked in that time for a moment. Finally, we went to Bubu Atagamu with Bang Jack and Pak Gabrielle, the local fisherman. Once we reached the beach, we grabbed the canoe and pushed it to the shore. But, something happened unpredictably. There was a woman come approach me and hug me, I thought she was one of the local people that came for helping us.


Rescuing the whale shark

I asked her what happened and did she need something from me. But, I heard nothing from her. She was quiet and standing still hugging me. That was odd, and very unusual. I knew something was wrong in here until Bang Jack gave me a code that she was a crazy girl (Kwang: crazy or mad in local dialect). Oh my god! I just barely knew it. I tried to run over Bang Jack and needed his help to release her hands over me. But she kept pull me and shouted to me that I was her mother. What was on earth happened now? Finally I succeeded release from her.


The trapped-whale shark that successfully released

Bang Jack asked me to sit down in the canoe because we will release the whale shark in no time. But, that crazy girl followed me and sat down behind me, till there was a grandpa asked her to get out of the canoe. For short, we went to release the whale shark, and Ami dived in to see what happened. We had very difficult time to release the whale shark, till we decided to cut the nets that wrapped around it. Before we cut the nets, we had a long discussion between Pak Dus from DKP and the fisherman, Pak Gabrielle. After releasing the whale shark, we went back to the beach but something happened. I felt sick, like there was something in my stomach and finally I threw up till my eyes were teary. I got myself embarrassed in front of Ami and Bang Jack. I kept saying sorry to them, and they were just laugh at me and asked me to stop saying sorry.

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